Is it doable to get the private keys from a Bisq wallet?

Is it doable to get the private keys from a Bisq wallet?
  1. Is BISQ wallet safe?
  2. Does BISQ have its own wallet?
  3. Is BISQ good for trading?
  4. Is BISQ anonymous?
  5. Can you use PayPal on BISQ?
  6. Is BISQ a crypto wallet?
  7. How do I fund my BISQ wallet?
  8. How do I sell Bitcoin on BISQ?
  9. Is BISQ a KYC?
  10. How do I buy ETH anonymously?

Is BISQ wallet safe?

Safe. Bisq never holds your funds. Deposits held in 2-of-2 multisig wallets encourage safe, successful trades.

Does BISQ have its own wallet?

When taking an offer, Bisq creates a special trade wallet to hold your security deposit and fees. This wallet will be used to pay your taker fee, and will then be used to transfer your security deposit into a multisig escrow transaction together with the seller's security deposit and the bitcoin being traded.

Is BISQ good for trading?

Bisq is a useful platform for trading Bitcoin and many other types of cryptocurrency. The platform's decentralized nature makes its very secure, and you won't need to work through a third party to execute trades. Anyone on the platform can take or make trades for a small, Bitcoin-denominated fee.

Is BISQ anonymous?

In addition, Bisq is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can trade Bitcoin and other coins anonymously.

Can you use PayPal on BISQ?

PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App are not supported on Bisq because chargebacks for payments made with those services are relatively easy.

Is BISQ a crypto wallet?

Bisq's built-in Bitcoin wallet is based on BIP 44.

How do I fund my BISQ wallet?

Before trading on Bisq, it's necessary to fund your wallet with bitcoin. This is because making and taking offers on Bisq requires traders to post a security deposit and pay fees with bitcoin. Posting bitcoin security deposits in a 2of2 multisignature address is part of what makes trading on Bisq highly secure.

How do I sell Bitcoin on BISQ?

If you have already deposited sufficient BTC to your Bisq wallet (Step 3), select TRANSFER FUNDS FROM BISQ WALLET. Otherwise, you can also fund the trade from an external wallet. Click REVIEW: TAKE OFFER TO SELL BITCOIN, review the trade details in the pop-up, then click CONFIRM: TAKE OFFER TO SELL BITCOIN.


Bisq is a decentralised bitcoin exchange that users access via desktop app that runs over the Tor network. It requires no KYC information and enables users to buy or sell directly with one another without a trusted third party.

How do I buy ETH anonymously?

If you want a more anonymous method of buying Ether, consider peer to peer exchanges, like LocalEthereum. The platform works as a marketplace, where your local currency can be offered in exchange for Ether. These transfers can be accomplished using credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and Paypal.

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