Zeromq windows

Zeromq windows
  1. What is ZeroMQ used for?
  2. Is ZeroMQ fast?
  3. Is ZMQ dead?
  4. Is ZeroMQ open source?
  5. Is ZeroMQ good?
  6. Why ZeroMQ is fast?
  7. What is difference between ZeroMQ and RabbitMQ?
  8. Is ZeroMQ persistent?
  9. Who is using ZeroMQ?
  10. Does ZeroMQ use sockets?
  11. Is ZeroMQ TCP or UDP?
  12. Does ZeroMQ use shared memory?
  13. Does ZeroMQ support MQTT?
  14. What is NetMQ?

What is ZeroMQ used for?

ZeroMQ is a library used to implement messaging and communication systems between applications and processes - fast and asynchronously.

Is ZeroMQ fast?

ZeroMQ provides several transport protocols: inproc, IPC, TCP, TIPC and multicast. Next graph shows ZeroMQ latencies using TCP and IPC, latencies are 16 microseconds and 13 microseconds respectively. ...

Is ZMQ dead?

Unfortunately, the founder of ZeroMQ, Pieter Hintjens passed away (due to cancer) [1]. ... ZeroMQ still works great and the open source community is still maintaining it on GitHub [3]. I just think people are also looking at other technologies. A lot of interest popped up in things like Apache Kafka and Samsa.

Is ZeroMQ open source?

Community. Backed by a large and active open source community.

Is ZeroMQ good?

ZeroMQ is an asynchronous network messaging library known for its high performance. It's intended use is for distributed systems as well as concurrent systems. ... ZeroMQ provides a whole slew of language APIs which run on most operating systems and allows you to communicate seamlessly between all sorts of programs.

Why ZeroMQ is fast?

Why ZeroMQ

It's fast enough to be the fabric for clustered products. Its asynchronous I/O model gives you scalable multi-core applications, built as asynchronous message-processing tasks. It has a score of language APIs and runs on most operating systems. 0MQ is from iMatix and is LGPLv3 open source.

What is difference between ZeroMQ and RabbitMQ?

Difference Between ZeroMQ vs RabbitMQ. ZeroMQ is an open-source, high-performance messaging library. It is cross-platform and supports cross languages, and is light-weight and fast. ... RabbitMQ is a traditional message broker with a variety of message protocols being implemented.

Is ZeroMQ persistent?

As far as I know, Zeromq does not have any persistence. It is out of scope for it and needs to be handled by the end user. Just like serializing the message.

Who is using ZeroMQ?

Who uses ZeroMQ? 54 companies reportedly use ZeroMQ in their tech stacks, including Alibaba Travels, energy2market, and XING.

Does ZeroMQ use sockets?

The ZeroMQ API provides sockets (a kind of generalization over the traditional IP and Unix domain sockets), each of which can represent a many-to-many connection between endpoints.

Is ZeroMQ TCP or UDP?

ZeroMQ sockets provide a layer of abstraction on top of the traditional socket API, which allows it to hide much of the everyday boilerplate complexity we are forced to repeat in our applications. To begin, instead of being stream (TCP), or datagram (UDP) oriented, ZeroMQ communication is message-oriented.

Does ZeroMQ use shared memory?

ZeroMQ has inproc which uses shared memory as a byte transport. Boost. Interprocess seems to be mostly about having objects constructed in shared memory, accessible to multiple processes / threads.

Does ZeroMQ support MQTT?

ZeroMQ is a flexible toolkit for writing different communications patterns, whereas MQTT is broker-based publisher/subscriber system. Although 0MQ has pub/sub sockets as one of it's many patterns, the wire format is different than that used by MQTT, so they are certainly not directly compatible.

What is NetMQ?

NetMQ is a 100% native C# port of ZeroMQ, a lightweight messaging library. NetMQ extends the standard socket interface with features traditionally provided by specialised messaging middleware products.

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